bmblbee (bmblbee) wrote,

A Redneck Misdemeanor

Title: Redneck Misdemeanor
Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander
Rating: NC17
Genre: HAU
Warnings: Adult language. M/M sexual activity

Summary: Spike is a famous author with a fast new sports car he is driving across
the flat-lands of the American Southwest enroute to a book signing in San Antonio.
Xander is a lawman in the very small town of Trail Pass, Texas. When Spike
exceeds the speed limit, he and Xander cross paths and Spike gets more than a ticket.

Thanks to Petxnd for the preread and the lovely banner.

"Are you sure we should be doing this? What if there is a cat in a tree or a wayward
racoon knocks over a garbage can?" The whole time Spike was voicing his concerns, he
was shuffling towards the bathroom while kicking off the rubber flip flops from his feet.
After that, he hurriedly stripped out of his black and white jail suit. When it was discarded
into a heap on the floor, Spike's hand automatically reached to stroke his half-hard chubby
while Xander adjusted the heat of the water spray.

The bathroom was small and functional. There was no bathtub and the shower was a
white, freestanding stall with a rattly glass door that had little smiling starfish stickers on it.
It was the sort of shower that Spike would never have considered using even during his
travels, but one that looked pretty damn good right about now.

When the temperature was deemed just right, Xander turned, smiled and held out his hand.

"Ain't nobody gonna call this time of day, and iffin they do they can either leave a message
or call my pa on the other line. Ain't nobody gonna interrupt us, but iffin you got
any reservations about this, darlin', I won't...."

"No! No, far be it from me to waste water in a town that has been as hospitable as Trail Pass.
It would be downright rude to request a separate shower."

Xander laughed as Spike took his hand and together they stepped into the spray of hot,
heavenly water. Standing face-to-face, the angle of the nozzle sent the flood of water
gushing over Xander's back and head. Closing his eyes, he tipped his face up as his long
hair became drenched and heavy. He felt his pores open and the cleansing water flushed
away the sheen of perspiration that covered his body. "Oh, man, that feels great!"

Spike stood mesmerized as he watched the rivulets of water cascade down from
Xander shoulders onto the black hair of the policeman's broad chest. With a sigh, Xander
lifted his arms and ran his hands through his hair. As he did, the muscles in his forearms
flexed and revealed the mass of black hair in his armpits.

Xander was incredibly chiseled and masculine and Spike couldn't help but stare. When he
spoke, his voice was quiet and full of awe. "Bloody hell, Xander, you're fucking magnificent."

The words were whispered with obvious reverence, and Spike's hands lifted as if by their
own volition to caress the wonderful body before him.

He tugged at the hair on the officer's chest, and Spike's fingernails flicked over the nipples
that had become hard, perky and pebbled. Xander's hands crept down and he cupped his
own balls and dick as Spike continued his initial, tentative exploration of his partner.

As Spike's fingertips brushed over the curves and dips of the hard, shaped chest, Xander's
head tipped forward and he gazed into the dilated blue eyes. A smile curled his lips and
the expression on his face said that he shared his partner's happy acceptance of the
situation. With the warm water spraying over both of them, Xander drew his
prisoner possessively into his arms and he kissed him.

The feel of Xander's hot, wet skin pressing and sliding against him inflamed Spike and he
threw his arms around the strong, firm shoulders as the kiss deepened. Relentlessly, the
shower beat against Xander's skin as he clutched and snorted into the kiss. His tongue forced
its way into Spike's mouth and battled against the tongue that lived there. In response,
Spike whimpered and squirmed in his jailer's arms as the need and want heated him from
the inside while the steam in the room made him feel like a boiled potato.

Instinctively, Spike rose to his toes so that his dick would bump and slap against Xander's
fat bouncy one. To assist, Xander gripped Spike's butt cheeks and he pulled the smaller
man as close as they could get. Finally when drowning became a concern, Xander broke
the kiss.

"You are so wonderful in my arms. So compact and firm. Damn, darlin', I just want to
saddle you up and ride you into the barn."

Spike gulped and blinked. Every inch of his flesh tingled and his toes flexed and curled in
the puddle of swirling water. "I never realized I had a cowboy fetish but apparently I do."

Xander chuckled and nibbled Spike's neck and ear, all the while he continued to roll his hips
just enough that their dicks repeatedly danced and noodled off each other. On one hand,
he simply wanted Spike to jack him off, but on the other, this game was much too fun to cut short.

Suddenly, Xander pulled back. "Turn around."

Spike brushed the water off his face, pushing the hair out of his eyes. "What? Why?"

As his answer, Xander reached up onto the shelf and he took down his half-full bottle of
cheap, department-issued shampoo. "I want to wash your hair. It looks so soft. I've
been wanting to dig my fingers into it ever since you first got here."

The unexpected request caused Spike to laugh out loud, which made droplets of warm
water spray from his mouth. It was such an intimate and silly request that he had no choice
but to comply. When he turned, his new position saw the hot shower raining down on his
back. It stung between his shoulder blades and ran in a line between the cheeks of his ass.
I was a wonderful water trail that was not lost on Xander and his fingertip traced its path.

In response, Spike slapped his palms on the tile wall, he arched his back and he waited,
hoping something with a larger circumference would follow. It didn't. But it didn't
matter because what happened next was almost as good. Xander's large paw-like hands
were everywhere. They caressed Spike's arms and shoulders. They stroked the soft skin
of the prisoner's back as Xander's forefinger traced the bumps of the shorter man's spine,
which caused a shiver of delight to make Spike shudder.

The officer was mapping every inch of his prisoner's body. "You are so wonderful. You feel
so good. Do you taste as good as you feel? Do you, Spike?"

Before he could respond to such an odd query, Xander's tongue was running a stripe up
between Spike's shoulder blades. "Oh, fuck!"

"Ummm. Yeah, you do. Scrumptious. Sweeter than birthday cake and hotter than Tabasco.
I could just eat you up. Grrrrr." Xander growled comically as he continued to lick and slurp
at the warm, wet skin while Spike giggled and twisted as if he were being tickled mercilessly,
yet he made no move to stop the delicious torture. Instead, he widened his feet to steady his balance.

The shift in stance altered the path of the water on Spike's body and now it ran down his
sides and dripped off his balls. The sensation added to his stimulation and he moaned
and lowered his face. Suddenly, the mauling hands were gone but before he could voice
his objections, the fingers returned. This time they dug into Spike's scalp and massaged a
thick frothy lather that dripped and splattered onto Spike's shoulders. "Ohhhh yesssss."

It was an amazing luxury. Spike had never felt so cared for and worshipped. He had never
had another person treat him with such reverence. It was oddly humbling and at the same
time erotic as hell.

Xander rocked back and forth as he continued his ministrations. His chest was pressed
against his prisoner's back and he was pleased as punch to realize that even with their
difference in height, Spike's high, round bubble butt nestled perfectly into Xander's crotch.
With a minor move, Xander's dick aligned with the lovely, pink crack and it made itself at home.

As both men reveled in the hair washing, the room was filled with the vanilla scent of the
generic shampoo. It was a smell that Xander loved, and when he inhaled he moaned,
"Hmm mm," which caused a vibration that traveled down his body and reverberated in
the intimate spot where their bodies touched.

Spike's hands reached behind him and gripped Xander's hips as the firm fingertips continued
to dig and flex against his scalp. Tipping his head forward, a blob of thick soap tumbled from
his hair to land on the head of his cock and slither down the shaft. It felt strangely cool and hot
at the same time and Spike reached for himself to sluice it away. When he did, he was
surprised as Xander swatted his hand with the admonition of, "Leave that alone."

Spike's hand jerked back and he did as the authoritive voice instructed. It was erotic. He
loved being spoken to by a domineering man. It made balls feel full and heavy, and his
cock was so hard that he feared he couldn't last much longer.

"Xander, I...."

Xander chuckled. He could feel Spike's chest rise and fall erratically and the shorter man
was now humping backwards, which caused Xander's dick to slip and slide repeatedly
against Spike's ass. Xander knew his prisoner was on the brink of an early release and the
truth was, Xander wanted to cum too.

Leaning to the side, Xander allowed the full force of the water spray to rinse over Spike's
head and flush the last of the soapy bubbles down the drain. leaving his soft blond hair
squeaky clean. When that was done, Xander buried his face into the mass of wet hair
and indulged in one last heavenly sniff. He then pushed and prodded until Spike turned and
they were again face-to-face. Xander handed Spike a bar of Irish Spring and gave him the
stern command, "Bath me."

Spike whimpered. He nodded, which caused water to fly off him like a dog as he hurried
to comply. He rubbed his hands together briskly until his palms were filled with a pool
of bubbles which he held as he examined the wonderful body before him and tried to
decide where to start. As Spike paused, Xander slipped the bar of soap from his lover's
fingers and he too worked up a rich lather. "Come here, darlin'. I'll do you too."

When Xander began rubbing his hands all over Spike's body, Spike nearly melted. His legs
went wobbly and the fine hairs on his arms and legs rose and prickled. He held out his
hands uselessly at his sides while the soap dribbled from between his fingers. His brain
was blank and he had no reference point from which to draw.

Spike wasn't new to sex. Ever since he had been a teen he had been sexually active, and
during his travels he had often engaged in what he called a quick hit-it-and-quit-it. He
didn't particularly even want to know their name. It was just a matter of physical pleasure
that saw no awkward morning after. It was cum and go. It was impersonal.

But this was different. This was so intimate. This was so personal that it was almost
too overwhelming. It was a warm, honest, wonderful man touching him. Bathing him and...
"Oh, fuck!"...jacking him off.

Xander's slick, slippery hand was rapidly gripping and stripping Spike's hard erection as
the water from the shower rinsed the soap from the prisoner's body. "Come on, darlin'.
This usually works best when you lend a hand."

"Wha? Oh, sorry. I guess...."

Xander laughed as he continued to spank Spike's monkey. "No need to apologize, darlin',
just wrap them sweet little fingers around me and do what comes natural."

Immediately, Spike stepped up to the bat. The tip of his pink tongue poked out the corner of
his mouth as he endeavored to do his best. He took Xander's dick in his hand as if he were
about to politely shake hands with it, and for a moment Xander wondered if he was going to
have to finish them both.

But then Spike surprised him.

The grip on Xander's cock tightened and he tugged. The wet soap residue provided
enough lubrication that Spike's hand moved easily and creatively. It gave a random twist
and an inventive pinch to the bundle of nerves under the fat mushroom head of Xander's
cock. Spike was clearly a man who knew how to masturbate.

After that, they got down to business. Together they stared at the two cocks and they gave up
all attempts at conversation. They grunted and snorted. They humped each other's hand and
they pulled the pud in their own. They cursed appreciatively, and when Xander felt Spike's
uncut cock harden even more, he relaxed and allowed his own impending orgasm rush through him.

Almost simultaneously, both hands stopped stroking. Two cocks jumped and twitched as
they spewed forth thick blob after blob of white goo, spit out onto the other man's fist
and dribbled onto the shower floor where it was quickly washed down the drain. Their
foreheads pressed together and their free hands rested on the other man's shoulder.

Wave after wave of euphoria surged through them as an almost embarassing amount of
semen was pumped from their bodies. Gradually, it slowed and finally stopped as they were
left standing on shaky legs while the cooling water continued to gush down around them. With
a weak chuckle, Xander retreated and took a small step back. He then splashed Spike's
stomach and upper thighs to rinse the orgasm residue off him while Spike stood limply swaying.

When he was done, Xander gave his prisoner a sharp slap on the rump. "Out. You are a
slug. Go dry off while I clean up."

Happily, Spike snorted but he hurried to comply. He had no response. Xander was right.
He was a slug. A very happy and contented slug.
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