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Title: Outed
Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander
Rating: NC17
Warning: Contains language and M/M sexual activity
Disclaimer: The Bee has no claim of ownership on the characters in this story but
the plot and story are original. Please do not take without asking.

Summary: In the year 2012, the vampires of the world stood up and revealed
themselves to mankind in an attempt to rule the Earth. All did not go as planned and
now they have become second class citizens living under the control of an international
entity known as the IVRC. For some vampires, who can't forget the freedom of the past,
their existence as a near-slave population is something to revolt against. The vampires
need a new hero and Spike has needs of his own.

Thanks to Petxnd for the preread and the lovely banner.

"That must be the pizza. I'll get it." Willow snugged the large bath towel around her naked body as
she shouted and hurried across the living room to the apartment door in response to the
insistent knocking. When she jerked it open, the shock and realization of her mistake were
obvious on her face.

"Paul! Oh, shit, I forgot all about you coming."

Just then, on his well-timed cue, Xander came rushing from the bedroom. Equally clad in nothing but
the briefest piece of terrycloth, he appeared stunned by the familiar face of the spaghetti boy who
was flustered and befuddled on the threshold.

"Xander? What's going on here? Are you two...? Holy fuck! Are you...?"

Xander hung his head in shame. Although the whole scene should have been the answer to
Paul's questions, the repeated chant of 'Are you? Are you?' led Xander to the conclusion that
apparently Paul was a bit slow on the uptake. Finally, Xander threw his hands up. He had been
caught. "Alright. Yes. I admit it. I am a closet straight."

Paul gasped in horror at the disgusting revelation and he tossed down the bouquet of daises that he
had brought. The small box of chocolates went back in his pocket and he took a step back and he
glared back and forth between Xander and the redhead who had set him up for this debacle.

"You two are disgusting. I don't know what kind of sick sex games you are playing but if you
thought I would be the third in this perverted little hetero wheel, you are very much mistaken. And
as for you, mister, don't ever step foot in the Spaghetta Villa again or you just may find your
sauce topped with a fresh lugie!"

Xander wrinkled his nose up and watched as Paul stormed off. He then closed the door and the
room went quiet. Willow scowled and tightened the towel around her slim body. "Well, I think you
owe me a debt of gratitude for covering for you."

Unconcerned with his nudity, Xander jerked the towel off himself and slammed it to the
floor. "Gratitude? If you hadn't stuck your nose in where it didn't belong, Paul wouldn't have come
over here in the first place. If you hadn't marched in here like you owned the place, you wouldn't
have interrupted me and Spike in the second place. Gratitude? You must be insane. You know
what your problem is? Because your parents are rich, you think you own the world and everyone
in it. You are a snob, Willow. A spoiled, uppity, arrogant snob."

Willow's mouth dropped open and for a moment, she was too stunned to respond. She and Xander
had argued a million times over the years but he had never spoken to her like this.

"Do you really think that?"

With the words out, Xander's fury was spent. His head dropped to avoid looking at her and his
arms folded protectively around himself. "Yeah, I guess I do. We have always been friends, Wil,
but you go too far. You do things that you don't have any right to do."

Willow nodded her head as she eased over to the sofa where her clothes had been tossed in haste just
a few minutes earlier, and she dressed in silence as Xander stood quietly by. Both of them fought
the urge to apologize as they believed they were too right to admit to any wrong. When she slipped
into her shoes, there was no more reason to stay. She paused for just a second to see if Xander
would recant, but his rigid stance told her he wouldn't. With nothing more to say, she walked out
the door.

"I'm sorry, love. I've caused a terrible rift between you and your friend."

Xander looked up in response to the comment and was even more dismayed to see that the
vampire coming out of his bedroom was fully dressed and apparently also about to leave.

"No, all of that is something I should have said long before this, I just should have done it before it
came out in anger. So, it looks like you are going too."

"You know I have an appointment, yeah?"

"The book club?"

Spike ran his hand over his head to assure himself that his hair was slicked back tightly and no stray
strands were sticking up. He knew if he gazed too long at his naked, beautiful boy, he would also
chuck his clothing and stay for the rest of the day. But he couldn't do that. Not even a world-class
fuck could justify this missed opportunity. "The book club. Yes."

Suddenly, a new idea came to Xander and he lurched excitedly towards his lover. "I'll go too. Take
me with you. We can show them that there is a human who believes in your rights too! We can...."

Spike grabbed Xander by the shoulders and he shook the boy, hoping to rattle some sense into
him. "NO! Xander, no. We don't know anything about these vampires. They are fighting against
the human population and they could be dangerous. You can't be anywhere near them. In fact, I'm
going back to my place first to shower and wash all traces of you off my body and clothes. I can't
risk them finding out about you. It could put both of us in jeopardy."

Xander threw his arms around his vampire and he hugged him tightly. Spike's logic was
irrefutable despite the fear it stirred in Xander. It terrified him to think of Spike stepping into a
den of vicious vampires bent on changing the world. Before he could voice his fears further,
Spike reached around and smacked him soundly on the bare ass, causing Xander to jump and rub
the red handprint on his butt cheek. "Ow. You bully."

Spike chuckled an in attempt to lighten the mood and soothe Xander's fears. He gave the boy a
chaste peck on the lips, a sweet smile and he quickly walked out of the door. For a long time
Xander stood, naked and alone, in the center of his living room. A small part of him expected Spike
to return, but he knew that small part was only hope in a hopeless situation. Spike was not coming
back. Maybe ever.


Xander hadn't gotten where he was by taking a passive role in life. He was not some
whimpering fishwife waiting on her man to come home from the sea. He was Xander Harris!
Successful businessman! A man who took charge of his own life and was not to be beaten by anyone!

With a renewed vigor and determination, Xander spun on his heel and he darted towards the
bathroom. Like Spike, Xander's first task was to scrub all traces of the vampire off his skin. After
that he would dress, and when the sun went down, he would take a little trip down to the corner of
First and Market. Once he got there, he wasn't exactly sure what his next move would be but he
just needed to take a peek and make certain that Spike wasn't walking into a trap.

Hurridly, Xander's bare feet slapped across the hardwood floors. As he passed his computer, he
stopped and jotted the address down on a scrap of paper so it wouldn't be forgotten. He then ran
to the bedroom to get ready.

Willow subtly blew her nose on a paper napkin, sniffled and then took another sip of her cooling coffee.

"Well, you look like a gal that is not having a good day. May I?"

Willow looked up from where she sat in the booth at the coffee shop. The young man who was
asking permission to sit across from her was tall, handsome and had a smile that looked like he
had squeezed at least fifty two teeth into his mouth. With one more dab to her nose, she conjured
up a weak smile and nodded her agreement. He quickly slid in. When the waitress stopped by,
he ordered his own coffee and a refill for Willow.

"So why is a beautiful girl like you so sad on a wonderful day like this? Did your 401k tank? Did
your puppy run off? Or maybe you just lost your best friend? Come on, green eyes, why not tell me
all about it. I guarantee you will feel all better if you do."

Willow lifted her head and took a really good look at the stranger who was so concerned. He had an
air of companionability about him that gave her a feeling of comfort and inspired well-being. Maybe
he was right. Maybe a stranger to confide in was exactly what she needed to lift the heavy burden
off her shoulders.

"What did you say your name was?"

The stranger's face lit up and he extended his hand to her. "My name is Riley. Riley Finn and I
have nowhere to go and the whole afternoon free, so why don't you tell me what has a delicate flower
like you so upset and maybe I can coax a smile from those lovely lips."

Willow giggled as her fingertips brushed over her mouth before she again frowned at the memory of
all the cruel and untrue things Xander had said to her. "Oh, it's a long story. You don't really want
to hear it."

Riley reached across the table and he laid a large, warm hand over her small one. "I really do. Come
on, Willow, tell me what happened."

"Well, um...did I tell you my name?"

Riley looked perplexed and scratched his head as though he too were surprised by his error. "Gee,
you must have. How else would I have known it?"

Willow shrugged. Her brain was so tear-logged that she could hardly think let alone remember, but
he was right, how else would he have known? Just then, the waitress returned and poured them both
a hot cup. Willow blew on her coffee and took a sip. When she set the cup back down, she began to talk.

"Well, I have this friend. Xander. We have been best buddies forever but I guess you never really
know someone even if you think you do. Anyway, I went over to his place this afternoon and...."

Riley studied her face intently and he hung on every word.

Six o'clock was the evening news on television. A liquor store robbery. A random shooting on the
city bus. A yellow cat rescued at great taxpayer expense from a pear tree. Same old same old. It
entered Xander's ears but never made it to his brain as his attention repeatedly drew his eyes to
the window to check for the sun's agonizingly slow descent in the sky.

Seven o'clock was a peanut butter and tomato sandwich to put something in his nervous, empty
stomach. As he ate it, he paced repeatedly between the kitchen and the small computer stand where
he had scribbled down the book club's address. Each time he checked, he was reassured to see that
it hadn't changed.

Eight o'clock had him standing in the center of a dim, nearly dark room. He hadn't turned on any
lamps and the lack of seeable light confirmed that daylight had finally faded. It was
sundown. Somewhere across town, Spike would be preparing to leave his flat. In another place
the vampire conspiracy was setting up chairs and snacks. Xander barked out a hysterical giggle
at the idea of them serving ladyfingers. Literally.

"Stop it! Stop it! Get a fucking grip on yourself!" The sound of his own stern voice chastising
himself brought a semblance of rationality to his irrational mind and gave him a renewed
determination. He made one last trip to the window to confirm the rising of the moon and then,
despite the fact that the words were indelibly carved in brain-stone, he looked once more at the
piece of paper.

"First and Market. First and Market. First and...what? Oh yeah. Market."

Xander allowed one small whimper to sneak out before he sucked it up and headed out the door.
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