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Title: Outed
Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander
Rating: NC17
Warning: Contains language and M/M sexual activity
Disclaimer: The Bee has no claim of ownership on the characters in this story but
the plot and story are original. Please do not take without asking.

Summary: In the year 2012, the vampires of the world stood up and revealed
themselves to mankind in an attempt to rule the Earth. All did not go as planned and
now they have become second class citizens living under the control of an international
entity known as the IVRC. For some vampires, who can't forget the freedom of the past,
their existence as a near-slave population is something to revolt against. The vampires
need a new hero and Spike has needs of his own.

Thanks to Petxnd for the preread and the lovely banner.

"Can't you do it for me?"

"No. If you don't do this for yourself, you will never learn."




"Spike." The specific of hearing his name with such finality silenced the vampire and he leaned
forward to stare at the screen with a sigh. Of course Xander was right. That was why he had hired
the human. To teach him. To give Spike the freedom to do in private what he couldn't imagine doing
in public.

When Xander read the concession in his student's posture he knew the question had been answered.
As an experienced tutor, Xander wasn't surprised. Resistance was the norm with these
last-century vamps. Change was hard even for the undead. Possibly especially for the undead.
At any rate, they were now ready to move on.

"Okay, let's try." Spike sat directly in front of the computer while Xander sat with his chair
turned sideways, facing his pupil. Xander's legs were apart and his upper body was just inches
from Spike's. It was very distracting for a vampire who still carried the forbidden memories of
just how hot a human man can feel. To make matters worse, as Xander pointed to the screen, his
hand inadvertently rested on Spike's shoulder.

"So to enter an e-mail contact, you click here to open the address book. Good, now type in 'Xander'
so that if you get any mail from me, that name will show up and you will know I am the sender.
Next type in the address as it is listed on my business card, no. Don't insert any spaces. It
has to all read as one word. Good. Perfect."

Spike's brain tried to focus on what Xander was saying and follow the instructions but it was
getting harder and harder. The spot on his shoulder where the human hand rested was scorching
with a heat that was permeating down his arm and pooling in his crotch.

Sudden flashes, like snapshots, exploded in his head. Memories. Pictures of a time some twenty
years ago when he was hunting and partying in the underground coffeehouses and clubs of
Eastern Europe.

It was a time of nonstop dancing, drinking and fucking. It was fresh blood and living, breathing
sex partners. It was young men who knew their place and were grateful for the pain and pleasure
served up by a demon master. It was a perfect existence and it was all tossed away by the
arrogant ignorance of a narcissistic few who fucked so many.


"Huh? What? Oh, sorry, Xander. I guess my mind wandered a bit. So, I think I got it. Not that any
of the slug vamps I know will be sending me an e-mail anytime soon, but at least now I know how
to enter their address."

Xander looked into the sad, wistful expression of his vampire student and he wondered what it was
that made the man so distracted. Whatever the cause, Xander decided he didn't like it. He would
rather see Spike cheerful and smiling, but certainly not in a 'Yes, Massa' way. Spike was one of
those rare vampires that just didn't seem to fit into the subservient pattern that the world dictated. It
was thought provoking, yet Xander knew that exploration of those thoughts could be dangerous for
both vamp and human so he quickly turned his attention back to the screen.

"You're doing great. Now, using my entered address, I want you to send me an e-mail and when I
get home tonight, I will return it."

Spike scratched his head. "What should I write?"

Xander sat back in his chair. He removed his hand from his student's shoulder and he smiled at
Spike's contemplative manner over such a petty question. Then, surprisingly, as if Spike were dealing
the cards for a magic trick, he cupped his hand to block Xander's view of the monitor and he chuckled.

"Don't look. You can't read it until later."

When Xander grinned and turned his head away, Spike began hunting and pecking his fingers over
the keyboard in a slow clackity-clacking sound. As a minor cheat, Xander peeked out one eye
and watched the concentration on Spike's face. The vampire's blue eyes were staring at the screen
while the pink tip of his tongue poked out the corner of his mouth. The sight caused a stirring reaction
in Xander's body that was more than a bit unsettling.

"Got it!" Spike hit send and the message disappeared from the screen. With that, the self-satisfied
vamp rocked back in his chair and clapped his hands as if he had just won a major military
campaign. Xander laughed at his student's exuberance and Spike found himself joining in. The
next interruption to the celebratory mood was the obvious grumble of Xander's annoyed, empty

With an insincere apology, he rubbed his belly. "Sorry about that. I didn't stop for lunch before I
came over."

Spike's eyes lit up. "Hey, if you don't object to your food being touched by vamp hands, I have a
renter down on the second floor that was a chef before she got vamped. She fixes a hell of a pasta
dish with marinara sauce. How about I call her up and she brings us up some lunch?"

Xander's eyebrows wrinkled in a slight frown as the smile fell from his lips. "Oh, no, please. That
isn't necessary. I don't want her to go to any trouble. I can grab a burger on my way home."

Spike's face fell and his shoulders slumped. He had been checked as he read a dozen objections
and nauseated concerns in Xander's refusal. Spike should have known better than to assume they
were anything more than vamp student and human tutor. Spike had overstepped his bounds and
made a major undead faux pas. "Oh, sure. Sorry. I shouldn't have...."

Immediately Xander read the indicators that Spike had misconstrued his protest and he quickly
switched gears in an attempt to make it right. "You know what? I really am hungry and since we
still have a lot to do, why don't you give her a call. I just didn't want to put her to the work of
cooking, but if you think she wouldn't mind, I'd love to have lunch with you."

Spike's face lit up and his hesitant grin reached all the way to the corners of his eyes. "Really?
You sure?" When he had satisfied himself that the human was not pulling his leg, Spike hurried
over to the telephone that sat in the living room area of his flat. He punched a series of
memorized numbers and cheerfully spoke to someone that, to Xander, seemed to be more friend
than tenant. Spike then returned to where Xander stood, with the intent of offering the human a
glass of wine, when they were interrupted by a loud buzzing coming from Xander's pants.

"Oh, sorry, that's my cell. Excuse me while I take this." Xander pulled the phone from his pocket
and he stepped off to the side. It didn't matter. He could have gone out into the hallway outside the
flat and Spike would have still been able to eavesdrop. Which he intended to do.

"Harris Integration Services. How can I help...."

"Xander!" The voice on the other end came in a loud, harsh whisper and Xander groaned.


"Xander. We gotta talk."

"Please, God, Elmer. Not now. Look, I promise to call you back tonight but I am tied up with a
client now and...."

"This can't wait! It's anal, Xander. Lord almighty, Pinky wants anal!"

Xander rubbed his hands over his eyes. Clearly the crazy train had pulled into Tootsville and the
only passenger was fully on board. What he didn't realize was that across the room, Spike's
eyebrows had just ricocheted off his hairline and he was blinking in a rapid fire twitch as he
interpreted both sides of the call. Whoever Elmer was, he had named his dick Pinky and he was
now demanding sexual ass favors from Spike's tutor. Spike took great umbrage at the crass manner
that this man addressed his human, and he waited to see what Xander's response would be.

"Listen, Elmer. This is NOT a good time. Why don't you just turn Pinky off for a while and I promise
to call you later. Go out for a walk. Watch some television. Just don't think about Pinky. Can you
do that?"

Spike listened intently while Elmer fussed about his hard-on and the fact that he needed
Xander to come over in person and not just phone him. Finally, much to Spike's dismay, Elmer
secured the promise that Xander would make a personal appearance later this afternoon and the
call was concluded.

When Xander dropped the phone back in his pocket, Spike was standing in the kitchen with his back
to the human as though the phone call had been of less than minor interest to him. Spike popped
the cork on a bottle of wine as he struggled to understand why he should care. He had no chance
with a breather. Just the hint of impropriety could see the Feds busting down the door of his flat
and dragging him away, and he certainly didn't know Xander's stance on adherence to the law.

With all of this in mind, Spike reestablished his air of distance and professional detachment. "I hope
you don't think it's presumptuous of me to offer you some wine while we wait for your lunch to arrive.
If so, I can serve you in the living room and I'll wait here in the kitchen."

Xander stood where he was and wondered what the hell had just happened. He thought he and
Spike were getting on so well and now the curtain of division had been dropped between them. It
only confirmed his suspicions that most vampires were a bit wacked.

"Wine would be great but I don't want to drink alone. I would be very honored if you would join
me." The line was delivered in a dramatic manner, with Xander bending at the waist and sweeping
his hand toward the sofa in such an exaggerated fashion, that Spike again relaxed and the slightest
hint of the previous smile returned to his face.

The wine was poured and the men sat down. At first it was somewhat quiet and awkward with
starts and stops of conversation that hunted and pecked at subjects that could be discussed, that broke
no laws and skirted all grey areas. Reality television seemed to be the first strong point of agreement
and the chatter began to flow freely along with the bottle of chardonnay.

The Bachelor was a douche-bag. The characters on the Jersey Shore should all be bitten and
vamped and the fat girl on American Idol sang so badly that it should have signaled the end of the
program as in, 'it's all over when the fat lady....'

Both men were rolling, and just as the last drops of wine were poured into Xander's glass, the
doorbell rang. Spike jumped to his feet. He gripped the dead soldier by the neck of the bottle
and waggled it. "Why don't you open another one while I put the food on the table."

Xander jumped up and immediately dropped back down as the buzz from the wine swam through
his brain and discombobulated his balance. With an unmanly giggle, he tried again. As he shuffled
past, he noticed Spike speaking with an attractive blond woman who was handing the vampire a
large platter, and Xander ignored the look of concern on her face as his eyes met hers.

"Spike, you aren't doing anything stupid are you?"

Spike glanced over his shoulder at the handsome man who was struggling with the cork on a bottle
of wine. "No. Don't worry. He is just teaching me the computer."

The words fell far short of easing her concerns but she knew minding her own business was a matter
of survival, so with a fractional nod of her head, she backed away as he closed the door. He then
went about the business of filling two plates with food and setting them on the table. By now,
Xander had won his fight against the demon cork and was pouring their glasses to the rim with
the golden, oaky wine.

The next hour was spent in pleasant conversation. It was light, easy, and the food went a long
way towards sobering the human up. Despite the diminished effects of the alcohol, he still found
himself very content and happy with both the company and the dinner. This was proving to be one
of the nicest days Xander had had in a long time.

After the platters were removed and the last of the second bottle of wine dispersed, Xander slumped
back in his chair. As thoughts of a nap started to nudge at him, his phone again vibrated in his pants
and he mentally threatened to ram Elmer's cell phone up his ass if it was another crisis. Reluctantly,
he answered.

"Harris Integration Services."

"Xander? Hey, hi. This is Paul. You know from...."

"Oh, sure, Paul. Hi."

"Hi. Um, I was just wondering if you were still interested in that, you know, quickie? I get off at
ten tonight. If you want, I can get off at ten thirty too."

The offer was blunt and crude but they were men, not girls who wanted hearts and flowers. Neither
of them was interested in dinner and a movie and that was the great thing about being a gay man. It
cut through the bullshit and straight to the chase.

Xander wasn't sure if it was the wine or the relaxed company but the fact was, he was horny as hell
and the prospect of a fast one-off was just the ticket. So, with his hand cupped over the cell phone
and his head discreetly turned to the side, Xander mumbled, "Sounds great. I'll pick you up and
maybe we can both get off before ten fifteen."

Spike angrily leapt to his feet and he snatched the plates off the table.
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