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Hang Ten

Title : Hang Ten
Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spike/Xander (of course)
Rating: NC17. Not a lot of sex, but what there is, is very graphic. M/M
Warning: See above
Disclaimer: The Bee has no claim on any of the characters she plays with.
Summary: A story of teens, sun and surf in the 1960's. HAU.

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Spelling and punctuation checked by Silk_Labyrinth. Remaining boo boos are by the
Bee's choice.


Xander and Riley sat hunched over on the corner of the sandy blanket. They had their heads together
and they studied the 'Rules' sheets they had been given at sign-in. They ignored the loudspeaker
that continued to blare across the beach as the different speakers welcomed the crowd, hawked
the sponsor's products, and even the local politicians got in a boring word or two.

"Holy fuck, Xan, I had no idea there was so much technical shit involved! I thought we would just
go out there and surf. This says we are judged on technique, maneuvers, and, oh, hell, read this
where it says, 'Judges expect to see changes of direction of the boat on the wave. Such maneuvers
would include bottom turns, re-entries, cutbacks, floaters, aerials, tube rides, top turns, lake take
offs, trimming and stalling. How radical they are, followed by the amount of control and
commitment put into each one will determine how high they will score.' I mean seriously, Xan,
what the fuck? Have you ever even heard of these terms?"

Xander scratched his head. He had to admit he had only heard of one or two of those words, and most
of the surfing lingo he picked up was from bad beach movies that Cordy dragged him to. Maybe
they were in over their heads. Maybe it was time to walk away.

Spike sat quietly. He had been plastered to Xander's side ever since the two boys had returned and
he could almost feel the vibration of insecurity and doubt as it shuddered through Xander's
body, transferring to Spike's thigh where they touched. He knew if those seeds of doubt were allowed
to grow, the contest would be lost before it even began.

"Bullshit! Look at you two acting like a couple little cheerleaders afraid to do a cartwheel. So these
are some new words. So what? Read them again, yeah? It doesn't take a genius to figure out
what they mean. You two can do every one of them and do them well. Are you going to pussy
out without even trying? Is that how it is Xander? Am I dating a pussy? Cause I think we both
know that is not my cup of tea."

Xander and Riley looked at each other in surprise then had to laugh. Spike was right. They had
almost let their fear intimidate them from trying. They wouldn't have done that in a big football
game and they were certainly not ready to concede defeat now. With only minutes left before the
first big elimination, the three of them put their heads together and quickly began to strategize.

"OK, the first round is the elimination. It's everyone out at once. All twenty-eight teams. That's
when the judges will cut the field to ten teams, so you just know that these hot dogs are going to
be out for blood. They will try to slap board and drive us under in order to seal a spot in the rest
of the trials. It says in the rules that they take points off for cutting out another surfer or causing
an endangerment. I say we keep our boards clean and shoot neat and tight. Let the others fight
for their spots and we will slip in under the wave."

Xander and Spike nodded as Riley spelled out their initial game plan. Meanwhile all the other teams
did the same.

Bang. Bang. Bang

Willow pounded her fist against the thin metal door of the toilet stall and shouted, "Damn, Cordy.
Did you fall in? What the fudge is taking you so long? The competition is about to start and we'll
miss the first run."

"Do you mind? Sheesh! A girl has personal business ya know."

Buffy and Willow stood outside the outhouse and they wrinkled their noses at the overpowering
stench of Cordelia's 'personal business.' When Buffy tipped her head in the direction of fresh
air and sunshine, Willow nodded her agreement before calling back, "Cool. No sweat, but me and
the Buff are going to wait outside. If they blow the starting horn, we are shooting for the
shoreline. Meet'cha there. 'K?"

Cordelia's response was prefixed by a loud, rumbling burst of foul air which caused the other two to
leap back, slap a hand over their noses and back quickly out of the small, confined space. It was all
the answer they needed. Lunging out, their lungs strained as they held their breath till they were
several feet away, at which time they gasped in huge gulps of fresh, untainted oxygen.

"Holy crap! What the hell does she eat?"

Willow burst out laughing at Buffy's incredulous question. When she was able to regain some
semblance of composure, she grabbed Buffy's hand and began tugging her away. This was actually
the perfect opportunity to talk to Buffy without Cordelia's supersonic hearing nearby.

"Smelled like a chipmunk crawled up there and died. So, Buff, this really lets you off the hook, huh?"

Buffy shrugged and looked everywhere but at her friend as she pretended to have no clue.

"Hook about what? No comprendo, Wil."

Willow rolled her eyes and heaved a great sigh of exasperation. Fine, if that was the way Buffy
wanted to play it, Willow knew her lines.

"You want me to spell it out? Cool. Cordy was fibber-catting. Her and the big Xan-man never
went all the way and now he has the tweeks for blondie. So, no competition. Her cherry is still
firmly planted just like yours and you don't need to keep your date with that creepy Angel."

Buffy folded her arms over her chest and let out a defiant huff. This time she stared directly
into Willow's cool green eyes and left no doubt of her conviction.

"See, that's your problem, Wil. You just can't see the big picture. You still think this is like in
grade school when I brought peanut butter and Cordy brought ham. I'm through waiting to see what's
in her sammich only to be one-upped. This is about me sneering at her stupid sliced ham and
slapping her in the face with a roast beef on rye. This is me being first for once. Don't you get it?
It's even better knowing that her and Xan didn't hide the baloney. I'll be it. I'll be the first one in
our class to be a real woman. Cordy can get laid a million times after that. Hell, she can go down
on the docks and meet the fleet when their ship comes in, but I will always have been first.
So, HA! HA, I say!"

Willow frowned as she watched Buffy accentuate the last statement with her finger punching the
air. Too bad Buffy hadn't been this determined when it came to her math finals. Still, there
was something else that bothered her very much.

"Yeah? So if you are all that hell-bent to kick your feet in the air, what about Riley? I think he
really loves you. If you do this, it will break his heart. If you are so hot to trot, why can't you
peel panties for Riley?"

Buffy dropped her head and seemed fascinated with her toes as they dug and scooped in the warm
grains of sand. Her voice was quieter and less convinced.

"Truth is, I don't know how I feel about him. If I let Riley 'drop into the Y,' he will get the wrong
idea. 'Sides, Angel is experienced. He knows what to do and how to make it really great. It will
be just like that beach scene in that old movie "From Here to Eternity." On the other hand, Riley
doesn't know diddly-squat. A first time with him would be more like The Three Stooges minus a
stooge. I guess we would be Larry and Moe 'cause Curly is way too fat. Of course if you
count Shemp...."

"Buffy! Keep the focus! We are talking about S. E. X. I still think you are making the biggest mistake...."

"Whew! There you guys are. Hey, free life lesson. Never mix apple juice with a big honking helping
of pinto beans. They will do ugly things to yer innerds. So, what is the biggest mistake of Buffy's
life this week?"

Buffy and Willow blinked and stared at each other as they tried to think of some innocent answer
to throw Cordelia off. Luckily before either could trip over their tongues, a loud horn blasted through
the air and signaled a great rush of both surfers and spectators to the coastline. The surfing competition had begun.

Willow squealed and jumped up and down.

"Come on! This is it!"

Xander leapt to his feet. He was psyched. His eyes sparkled and glowed with excitement as he held
out his hand. Spike slapped his on top and Riley joined in. Together, they counted to three, let out a
war whoop and grabbed their boards. The sudden rush of adrenaline flushed the insecurities from
their bodies and they ran for the waves.

The girls rushed toward the coastline, arriving at Spike's side just in time to see Riley and Xander
toss their boards into the Pacific Ocean and smoothly leap on top. They watched their friends
paddle powerfully out, cutting cleanly through the huge waves that rolled toward the shore, washing
and crashing over them. Despite knowing their voices could never be heard over the roar of the
sea, Buffy, Cordelia and Spike shouted their encouragement, just as the other spectators did the
same for their favorites.

Anxiety and excitement quivered along the beach as the forty-eight men who comprised the twenty-
four teams grew smaller as the distance stretched. Finally, when it seemed as though they would
never stop, the first team paused and turned on their boards.

The crowd fell silent.

Within moments most of the others, team #23 included, also reached the same area. Toward the center
of the pack, team #17 collided their boards together sending each other into the drink. The judges
took note. Xander and Riley were too focused on their own ride to care. Their hearts pounded as
a wave lifted them, but by mutual understanding, they let it pass. Team #4 made the mistake of
choosing it and their ride ended seconds after it began as the swell fell and dissolved.

Finally, they felt it. Their timing had been impeccable. All the teams still waiting knew that this was
the one. With the roar and the force of a freight train it drove up behind them and sent them pushing
and paddling to join it. Their arms worked like ship's oars as they drove on. They crouched,
balanced, and at the exact perfect moment, they leapt to their feet as the God Poseidon shoved
them up and away from his kingdom.

The ride was on!

The elevated judges' stand was all business as they stood, staring through their binoculars, and
called numbers and comments to their assistants behind them who frantically and accurately jotted
down everything for tabulation later.

On this first ride, there was little room for manipulation and maneuvers so Xander and Riley went
with tight, clean rides. They had decided to focus first on speed and control, hoping to make the big
cut. Once they were assured a spot in the top ten, they could go for a bit of showmanship on the
later rides.

As the first of the riders sailed in to shore, their supporters rushed to meet them. When team #23
arrived, it was to praise and shouts of support not only from the Sunnydale bunch but also from
several strangers standing nearby. Grabbing their boards and panting to catch their breath, the
boys waded through the well-wishers and back-slappers to drop onto the blankets and wait for the
judges' decisions.
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